The Authors

As Rideau’s Chief Executive Officer, Peter has brought over 40 years of recognition strategy, thought leadership to the human capital landscape. As a recognition pioneer, Peter spearheads the vision of integrating recognition as a definable, measurable process that makes an impact on employee engagement, retention and performance. As an artist, Peter channels all of the emotions and natural resources in his surroundings. His art is an actualization of a state of being. In this latest project, Peter blends his talents in his co-authorship with David Zinger of People Artists. Drawing Out the Best in Others at Work.

David Zinger is a world expert on engagement. He is a sought after author, educator, coach, and consultant focused intently on employee engagement. David fuses a prairie presence with a global reach. David has worked on engagement in Canada, United States, Poland, Wales, Germany, England, India, Spain, and South Africa. He wrote Assorted Zingers and Zengage. David’s personal artistry included 3 summers engaged with honeybees to learn lessons about engagement, work, organization, and community. He concluded that project with the eBook, Waggle: 39 Ways to Improve Human Organizations, Work, and Engagement. David recently developed a 12 module course, based on the pyramid of engagement, to help people engage more fully with their work, their organization, and each other. Visit David at